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Shelby Communications, LLC specializes in providing network service support, IT support, voice, data, fiber optics, and CAT 5e Cabling to clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Dallas, Mesquite, Garland, Keller and surrounding areas of Texas. We are a family-owned and operated, full-service, Low Voltage contractor and IT Support Company. Since 2004 we have been servicing the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston area businesses with the same integrity, honesty, attention and care. Many years later, our standards remain the same with the growing demand for our services.

Whether you are dealing locally, regionally, or globally, you need a secure and reliable means of communication. At Shelby Communications, LLC, we are committed to keeping you secure and connected. We are a full-service low voltage company serving the entire Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston area. Whether you are taking advantage of our numerous fiber optic services, our tech support, or data cabling technicians, we can provide you with cutting edge technology that is cost-effective and efficient. If there is any interruption to any of the services we provide, we are dedicated 24/7 to getting the problem remedied and your business back online.

Our commitment Nationwide

The telecommunications industry is changing rapidly, with new innovations almost every second. Rest assured, we will keep you advised on the best system for your specific needs and budget. We have decades of experience in the numerous systems involved in the low voltage industry, and we bring that experience to every project. We can design your system with your specific needs in mind. We are committed to becoming a partner in your business’s success.

Our success depends on your success

Throughout the shared 50+ years of experience, the invaluable relationships we’ve fostered with our customers have helped us grow and expand. Our clients’ complete satisfaction and trust has been our greatest asset in getting referrals for new business. Despite the powerful technology the 21st century has to offer in the data cabling field, nothing can take the place of simple customer satisfaction.

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If you are in or around Dallas and in need of data cabling, fiber optic cabling, multi-network connectivity, or an upgrade, get in touch with us today. We are experienced with every aspect of the low voltage industry and are more than happy to discuss projects we’ve done in the past.

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